Tracking Preferences can be customized to your organization's requirements for shipment statuses to be marked as Early, On Time, At Risk, and Late. 

Delivery Status Timeframes

Users can enter the hours and minutes for each category. You can choose to turn of Early and At-Risk statuses as well. 

1. Early: Set when the ETA is BEFORE Scheduled Time

2. On - Time: When ETA is AFTER Scheduled Time

3. At Risk: When the ETA is AFTER Scheduled Time

4. Late: When the ETA is AFTER Scheduled Time

Delivered Shipments to History Page

Users can set how long a shipment will remain on the Tracking page after being marked with the status of Delivered. 

Shipment Expiration

When shipments DO NOT Deliver, users can select when they will move to the History page. 

BOL Signature Page

Users can check the box to have an additional BOL Signature Page populate for OSD notes and signatures at each stop. This page will appear when viewing/downloading the BOL in each load.

Select RESET DEFAULT SETTINGS to have the Tracking Preferences back to the default information. 

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