You are now able to create an Intermodal RFP Event using Emerge’s Shipper RFP Application. This feature allows you to create Intermodal RFP events where you can request Intermodal and/or Full Truck load rates from your capacity providers on a single lane.

The first step to creating an Intermodal Event is creating an Intermodal Template. If you already have an Intermodal Template, skip to How To Create An Intermodal Event.

How to Create an Intermodal Template

  1. Click TEMPLATES on the left side of the screen.

    Click on TEMPLATES

  2. Click CREATE TEMPLATE on the upper right-hand side of the screen.

  3. Select Intermodal, type in your Template Name, and click CREATE.

  4. Scroll down and verify the fields you want to include in the Template and click NEXT.

  5. Click the pencil icon the the FTL Rate field and IM Rate field to select a Rate Type for both Full Truckload and Intermodal.

  6. Select the Rate Type from the drop-down menu and click SAVE CHANGES.

  7. Click NEXT once Rate Types for both FTL and IM have been selected.

  8. Select either Default FTL Cost Formula or Custom FTL Cost Formula in the Define FTL Formula, click NEXT, and do the same in the Define IM Formula step.

  9. Click CREATE TEMPLATE to complete the process.

How to Create an Intermodal Event

Once you’ve created an Intermodal RFP Template, you can use it to create an Intermodal RFP Event.

  1. Click CREATE. A pop-up window will appear.

  2. Enter the Event Name, click the Intermodal button, and click NEXT.

  3. Click the Bidding Start Date and Bidding End Date to select the Bidding Dates.

  4. A calendar will pop up. Select the day you want, and click OK.

  5. Click the Start Time and End Time to determine what time the bidding will open and close. Then click Contract Dates.

  6. A calendar will pop up and allow you to select the date range of the Contract. Click DONE when you’ve select the Contract Dates.

  7. Once all the information is selected, click CREATE.

  8. Click RFP Details on the left side of the screen to upload documents such as your Fuel Surcharge Matrix or any notes the participants need to know before placing bids.


  10. Click BROWSE to access and select a file from your computer. Click UPLOAD once you have selected the documents.

  11. Click LANES on the left side of the screen and then click SELECT YOUR TEMPLATE to choose the Intermodal Template for the RFP Event.

  12. Click the drop down menu to choose from the Templates you have created, then click SAVE.

  13. Click DOWNLOAD TEMPLATE to fill it out with your lane information for the RFP Event.

  14. In the Template, click the cells in the Mode Type column and select FTL, Intermodal, or FTL or Intermodal. If you select FTL or Intermodal, you can select Van as the Equipment Type. You can use the same lane information multiple times to give participants the ability to bid based on their Equipment Types.

  15. Once you have filled out the Template and saved it, go back to the RFP Application and click UPLOAD LANES.

  16. Click BROWSE FILES and select the completed Template from your computer. Click SUBMIT once you have uploaded the file.

  17. You will now see how the Mode and Equipment Types will appear in the RFP Application

  18. Click Participants on the left side of the screen to upload the capacity providers you would like to participate in your RFP Event.


  20. Select the Network Partners you want to participate and then click ADD TO EVENT.

  21. You will see them listed with their Status, which indicates if they have Registered for the event, as well as if they have Submitted a Response.

  22. Once all of the steps are complete, click RFP Manager on the left side of the screen, and then click PUBLISH EVENT. An email will be sent to the Participants you invited on the date and time that you selected for the bidding to open.

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