Factoring companies provide faster payment options for carriers of any size, and we at Emerge recommend our friends at Triumph Business Capital.

Our strategic partnership with TBC provides carriers in our network access to a number of financial services and products provided by a reputable and long-standing factoring company. See below to get connected with them today.

The Emerge - Triumph Partnership

Triumph and Emerge provide complementary services to carriers: Emerge, through its freight marketplace which allows carriers to find spot and contract opportunities, while Triumph pays carriers on those loads. It's a complementary partnership that supports two of the biggest challenges for carriers - finding loads consistently and getting paid for them as quickly as possible.

Who is Triumph Business Capital?

Triumph Business Capital is a leading factoring company that provides immediate funding to transportation and logistics companies. Through our services, we empower carriers to get paid quickly - as fast as same day! - while simplifying the back office work required for payment and collections.

Get Paid Quickly - TBC empowers carriers to get immediate funding.

Back Office Support - Remove the headache of back-office work in order to get paid.

Less Paperwork - Allow TBC to sort through invoicing and collections.

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