Emerge’s Contract Marketplace provides you the opportunity to bid on Contract Lanes, allowing you to connect directly with some of the largest shippers in the country. Including contract freight as part of your business can help protect you from market swings, and bidding on these opportunities gives you the chance to try and secure consistent loads.

If you have any questions related to specific Contract Lanes, please reach out to one of our Contract Specialists at 480-744-6514 extension 4003, or email them at [email protected].

How to Bid on Contract Lanes

  1. Click Open on the left side of the screen under CONTRACT LANES.

  2. You can search for Contract Lanes by Origin and Destination Locations, as well as Equipment Type.

  3. When you find a Contract Lane that works for you, click into it to see more details. Pay attention to when the Bidding Closes, the Contract Dates, the Equipment Type, the Volume, and the Length of Haul (LOH).

  4. There may be notes below the Stops section which indicate the commodity or any special instructions provided by the shipper.

  5. Click SUBMIT BID to begin the bidding process.

  6. Enter your best, most competitive rate and select the RATE TYPE:

    Pro Tip: You are competing against the shipper's Network Partners, so having the lowest rate doesn't always mean it will win the contract.

    Next, enter your Maximum Volume, and any Notes that you think the shipper should know, such as preferred pick-up and delivery days and times. Click SUBMIT to submit your bid. Your rate will be submitted to the shipper when the bid closes. If you are awarded freight, our team will reach out to verify your rates and send a rate agreement.

  7. Once you’ve submitted a bid, you can view and edit them by clicking Submitted Bids on the left side of the screen. You can also view bids that have closed by clicking Closed.

To watch a short how-to video, click HERE.

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