As a Shipper, you can use Bid Duration to set and communicate how long bidding is open for a quote. Bid Duration is set to ON with a duration of 2 hours by default.

Bid Duration Statuses

Bidding Open: The quote is open for bidding.

Bidding Ending Soon: This status occurs when the timer reaches 15 minutes til bidding timer closing.

Accepting Late Bids: The bidding timeline has closed. Carriers will still be able to submit their bids at this stage, but will be considered late bids.

Set Bid Duration to ON

  1. Click on the gear icon at the bottom left of your screen to open Settings, then select Quote Preferences.

  2. Toggle on Bid Durations on Spot Quotes and set the desired Hours and Minutes for the Bid Duration Time, and click SAVE. Once this feature is turned on, all new quotes will be set to show the bid duration timer that has been saved in your settings. You can toggle this off at any time.

Create a quote with Bid Duration

  1. Click Create in the upper left side of your screen. Then select Quote from the drop down menu.

  2. Ensure that Bid Duration is toggled on. Enter the time frame you would like to keep bidding open, complete your quote and submit when ready. If Bid Duration is on, the time will reflect what the default is set to in Settings - Quote Preferences. The timer can be edited if needed.

  3. A posted quote will reflect an active timer. This timer is visible to Network Partners as well as Marketplace Carriers.

Edit the Bid Duration Timer for a posted quote

  1. Click the QUOTES icon on the left hand side of the screen and select the quote you wish to edit the timer on. Click the three dots in the upper right and select Edit.

  2. In Quote Preferences, make the desired bid duration change. When you are done editing, click Submit to apply your changes.

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