1. Sign into the RFP Portal here: Emerge | RFP

  2. Once you are signed in, choose the event you want to submit a bid for

3. Once you choose the event, you will see the RFP Overview Checklist

4. Choose Download Lanes to download the lanes spreadsheet to fill out- this will take you to the Lanes page

5. To download the lanes, choose SUBMIT BID RESPONSE button

6. Choose Download template to download the lanes spreadsheet

You can also download lanes with this button

7. Open the template from your downloads

8. Once you open the spreadsheet, you will see all the details the shipper has included to determine your bid on. For every lane you want to bid on, you will need to fill out the columns with the ORANGE headers (required fields have an * )

9. For each required cell, it will tell you the format to input the information so the system will accept your bid

10. Once you have filled out all of the required fields on the lanes you want to bid on and save your file. Repeat steps 1-3 and this time, choose Upload your Bid Response

11. This will take you to the Lanes page again where you can choose SUBMIT BID RESPONSE

12. Drag and drop or BROWSE FILES to select a file to upload. Search for your filled out saved spreadsheet from step 10.

13. Once you have chosen your file, it will automatically validate the file. If everything is ok with the data you input, it will look like this and you can choose SUBMIT.

14. Once you submit, you will see a count of how many lanes you have bid on out of the total. You should see a green pop-up that says “Responses Uploaded Successfully” in the corner once you have successfully summitted your bids. You can now view your bids right on the Lanes page of the RFP

You can update your bid as many times as you want during the bidding window. If you upload a new spreadsheet, the newest version will be submitted with any changes, it will not keep previous versions.

15. If your file fails to upload, you will get this message with a download button where you can download a spreadsheet that will describe the issues for you. Download the file and then open it

16. The rows with the errors will be highlighted yellow. The cells with the missing or incorrectly formatted information will be highlighted red.

Examples of errors that could be highlighted

In the first example, Cell Y2, highlighted red, has too many decimal points

In the second example, The volume in AA9 is greater than the Estimated Volume provided by the shipper in P9

17. Correct the errors, save the spreadsheet again and go back to step 10 to upload your bids

18. Congrats! You have successfully submitted your bid on an RFP!

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