Once you are logged in to your Carrier Portal, click the SOURCE tab to view the open available loads. This is where you can find loads, submit bids, and use the Book It Now feature. Click here to learn more about how to navigate the Carrier SOURCE tab.

You can search for loads by:

  • Origin Location

  • Destination Location

  • Equipment Type

  • Pickup Date

  • Emerge ID

You can also filter by TYPE including:

  • Marketplace opportunities

  • Direct Quote Requests

Choose to filter by BOOK IT NOW loads or any quotes that match your LANE ALERTS. If you are a Network Partner of a Shipper that uses the platform, you can also filter by SHIPPERS.

Click the REFRESH button to make sure you are seeing the most up to date loads available.

How to Submit a Bid

  1. Click on any load to expand the section and get more details, and when you find a load that you want to bid on, click SUBMIT BID.

  2. Enter your best rate in the Get Paid (Include Fuel Surcharge) field.

  3. If you would like to let the shipper know how long your bid is good for, toggle the "Set Bid Expiration" feature on. This feature makes it easy for shippers to know how long you will hold your truck for.

  4. Select the Bid Date field to indicate what date your bid will expire.

  5. Type the Bid Time (24:00) when your bid will expire.

  6. Let the shipper know what Time Zone this applies to.

  7. Select the Available Date field to indicate what date you will be able to pick up the load.

  8. Enter any Notes that you think the shipper should know, such as where your truck will be empty.

  9. A shipper cannot tender a load to you if your Bid Expiration has ended, however, if you are a Network Partner of that shipper, they can request for you to update your rate via the "UPDATE BID REQUEST" feature. When the shipper takes this action you will receive an email and an in-app notice to update your bid.

  10. Once your bid is submitted, you can view and edit it by clicking the Submitted Bids on the left side of the screen...

  11. If you want to change a bid you have submitted, click into the load you have bid on and click EDIT BID.

  12. A pop up window will appear, allowing you to change your bid as well as add any extra notes. Once you’re done, click EDIT BID, and your rate will be updated.

  13. Click Closed to see loads that you bid on but were closed out by shippers.

To watch a short video on how to navigate the Spot Loads section, click HERE.

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