The Contract Lanes feature allows shippers to create specific FTL lanes and add in set rates for their network partners. The Route Guide in Contract Lanes will let shippers define the order in which they want their rates and partners to populate on quotes. Contract Lanes can be accessed by clicking on the Contract Lane tab.

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1. How to create a Contract Lane

2. How to manage your Contract Lanes

3. How to Manage your Route Guide

1. How to Create a Contract Lane

1. Select the Create + button

2. Select Contract Lane

3. Fill out the required fields

A. Lane Name - This name is for your company only

B. Stops - Select and enter in the Zip Codes or Locations (from Address Book)

C. Select the type of Equipment needed (defaults to Van)

4. Select the Appointment Type you wish to use for matching on each location

5. Select and add an Additional Stop if necessary

6. FTL will be auto selected

7. Select SAVE

This will take you to the Contract Lane that you just created

8. To edit or delete a lane, select the Ellipsis on the lane card in the contract lanes tab or in the details page of the lane, then Edit Lane or Delete Lane

2. How to Create Rates for your Route Guide

1. To find your Lanes, select the Contract Lanes tab

2. Select Details for the lane you would like to add a Lane Rate to


4. Enter a current network partner in the Company Name section

5. Select the Rate Type (All in - Flat, All In - RPM, Line Haul - Flat, Line Haul - RPM)

6. Enter the Lane Rate

7. If applicable, enter in the Start Date and End Date for when the rate will be active

8. Check the box if you would like to specify a volume and fill in the required fields

9. Select Save

10. To edit or delete a rate, select the Ellipsis on the carrier card, then Edit Rate or Delete Rate

3. How to Manage your Route Guide

1. Once rates are added to the Route Guide, customize the order they will populate when building a quote by selecting the carrier card, then dragging and dropping.

2. The top partner will be marked with a star as your Primary Carrier. The others will be marked as Route Guide Carrier. Primary and Route Guide carriers will always be shown above spot options. When a quote is built with the exact zip codes or locations and appointment types, the saved Lane/Route Guide Rate will auto-populate!

3. All active and pending Route Guide rates will be listed under ACTIVE/PENDING. Expired and Deleted Route Guide Rates will be listed under EXPIRED.

Shippers have the ability to Auto Tender Contract Lanes to their Route Guide Carriers. Learn how to Auto Tender here.

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