Once Tags have been added to your Network Partner's profiles, this article will explain how using those Tags will help you decide which partner will receive your quotes.

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1. How to search your network

2. How to filter your network

1. How to Search Your Network

1. Proceed to the QUOTES tab

2. Choose the quote you want to send out

3. Scroll to the Send Requests section

4. Select the Search Icon to search by Company Name, Contact Name, Contact Email

2. How to Filter Your Network

1. Proceed to Quotes tab

2. View the Quote you want to send

3. Scroll to the Send Requests section

4. Select the Filter icon to show all available Tags

5. Choose the Tags to filter by and select APPLY

6. Once you APPLY the filters, it will show you only network partners with the chosen tags. To remove a filter from the search click the X next to it or choose CLEAR ALL to show all network partners.

7. Repeat steps 1-3 in How to Send a Quote to your Network Partners

8. You can also view all tags assigned to a partner by choosing the BLUE TAG icon next to the Contact Email

Stop having to manually sort your network partners and quit having to remember which partner runs one of your lanes consistently. Use the search feature and tags to quickly send out quotes like never before.

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