The Notes feature allows Shippers and Capacity Providers to add important details and real-time updates within the Shipment. Being proactive by adding notes regularly will cut down on the number of check calls you receive as well as help you build rapport with shippers as a reliable carrier.

  1. Click on the MANAGE tab.

    Click on ORIGIN …

  2. Click Shipments and the click the S Number of the shipment you want to add notes to.

  3. Enter any important information, such as driver name and number, truck and trailer numbers, and ETAs in the Notes field. You can add notes at any time to indicate the location of the shipment during transit and keep the shipper updated. Click ADD NOTE to submit the information into the shipment.

  4. The Notes will now be saved in the shipment, and the Shipper will be able to see them.

  5. The Shipper will be notified of the Notes you have added via email. You will also be notified via email when they leave a Note.

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