1. When a shipper sends a request for a mini-bid, you'll be notified via email as shown below. Click View Mini-Bid to view the details.

Please note: Skip to Step 2 if accessing the mini-bid directly through the portal

2. After selecting View Mini-Bid in your email, you will be redirected to the CONTRACT OPPORTUNITIES page in the SOURCE tab of your portal. Select the open contract opportunity match in the results to view the details of the mini-bid.

3. Once you've reviewed the details, select SUBMIT BID.

4. Enter the details of your bid here and select SUBMIT.

Please note: Maximum Volume is a locked field and if submitting a bid, you are committing to 100% of the volume.

5. You will now find your bid in the Submitted Bids section to review and/or edit.

6. Select your match in the results to view the details and edit as needed.

7. You will receive an email notification once you've been awarded the mini-bid.

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