1. Select the CREATE + button.

2. Select Mini-Bid from the drop-down menu.

3. Enter the Details of the Mini-Bid you are creating.

Mini-Bid Details

  • Enter in the Lane Name for the mini-bid that will be used for your company only.
    Please note: After awarding the mini-bid, the lane name will be used as the naming convention within the contract lanes.

  • Enter the Minimum Volume and Maximum Volume for this mini-bid.

  • Select the Frequency from the drop-down menu (Daily, Weekly, Monthly, Quarterly, Yearly).

  • Enter in the Start Date and End Date for which the mini-bid lane and rates will be active for.

  • Select the Rate Type from the drop-down menu (All In - Flat, All In - RPM, Line Haul - Flat, Line Haul - RPM).

  • Add any notes to the Mini-Bid Comments section.


  • Select and enter in the zip codes or locations (from Address Book).
    Please note: you can use the typeahead feature to search the Address Book or click the Address Book icon next to each stop location field to choose a location.

  • Select the Appointment Type for both the origin and destination you wish to use for this mini-bid.

  • Select and add an Additional Stop if necessary.


  • Select the Equipment Type from the drop-down menu.

  • Add in any Accessorials that are needed.

4. Select the SAVE button at the bottom when the mini-bid is complete.

5. Next, you'll be directed to the Mini-Bids tab to manage further.

Click here to learn how to award the Mini-Bid after notifying your network partners

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