Instead of uploading a single Quote at a time, you can also Bulk Upload Quotes in the Shipper TMS. This allows you to upload multiple lanes for carriers to bid on all at once.

  1. Click CREATE.

  2. Click Bulk Upload.

  3. Click Quotes.

  4. There are two options when creating a Bulk Quote template - the standard template and a customized template. Click DOWNLOAD TEMPLATE to view the basic quote template that provides the standard fields necessary for carriers to place bids.

  5. Click CUSTOMIZE TEMPLATE to include extra fields in the quote that will help carriers submit more accurate bids.

  6. Select one or more of the fields provided in the pop up window, and then click DOWNLOAD TEMPLATE.

  7. Open the Excel template and add the lanes you would like to Bulk Upload. Note: The Origin and Destination Location or Location Code refer to addresses that you have saved in your address book. You will need to have these on hand when editing the template.

  8. In order to find your saved locations, click the Settings gear icon in the lower left hand corner.

  9. Select Address Book on the menu that appears.

  10. The Location Id and Location Code columns are what you will use to indicate the Origin and Destination locations in the template.

  11. Once you have filled out the Bulk Upload Template, save it and then click ADD DOCUMENTS.

  12. Click Upload data from file on the window that pops up.

  13. Select your saved Bulk Upload template and click Open.

  14. Wait for the file to begin uploading, select the correct sheet from the template you saved, and then click Continue.

  15. Confirm the first row contains the headers for each column, click Continue, and then click Confirm mapping or Ignore this column for each column in the template.

  16. Click Review once all fields have been confirmed.

  17. Click the Only show rows with problems toggle to only view any rows that need to be fixed.

  18. The fields with errors will show in red and hovering over them with your mouse will detail the specific error that’s occurring.

  19. Once all errors have been fixed and none are left, click Continue and then Yes when you are ready to submit.

  20. You will now see the Upload in Progress as the lanes are added to your open quotes. Click Upload in Progress to see the files being added.

  21. Once the Upload is Completed it will indicate that it is 100% finished.

  22. You will now see the Quotes you just uploaded with a red “1 NEW” icon you the new lanes.

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