*If you work directly with shippers as a network partner, skip step 2. This applies to all brokerages.

NOTE- Email addresses attached to a profile can not be changed! You will have to create a new profile with the desired/ updated email address. Data will not carry over to this new account, please be sure to complete all loads before fully switching over to new portal.

1. You will need to register for a new Emerge Carrier account with the new email address you want to use. Click here to register your new email.

2. If you work with a customer/shipper directly, you will need to ask that they delete your current contact in the Network Partner section in their shipper portal.

This is to prevent duplicate profiles for you and avoid load requests going to your old email by accident.

Once the shipper deletes the old Network Partner profile, they can add your updated contact info with the new email address.

*Make sure you are logging in to your updated carrier portal you registered for with the updated email or you will not see the available loads if you log in to your old carrier portal by accident with the outdated email still saved in your browser.

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