On the lower left hand side of the screen is a gear icon, which will take you to the Settings tab where you can update your Profile as well as set your Tracking, Notification, and Carrier Preferences.

How to Update Your Profile

The first page you will see in the Settings tab will be My Profile, where you can update your phone number and name. Click the Pencil icon to begin editing.

You can change the First and Last Name of your profile, as well as the Phone Number. Click SAVE once the information has been updated. Note: You are unable to change the email associated with your profile. In order to have a new email associated with your MC you will need to create a new profile by following this link: Carrier Registration Link.

How to Update Tracking Preferences

You can choose how long your shipments remain in the Shipments page by clicking the Tracking Preferences selection.

Click the Days drop down menu and select from the options. Click SAVE once you have made your selection, or RESET DEFAULT SETTINGS to revert back to the default.

How to Adjust Your Notification Preferences

Click Notification Preferences to determine which stages of a shipment will notify you via email.

You can toggle the TRACKING STATUS UPDATES, TENDER REQUEST NOTIFICATIONS, MARKETPLACE NOTIFICATIONS, and QUOTE NOTIFICATIONS to customize notifications for events that occur within the Carrier Portal.

How to Select your Carrier Preferences

You can customize your profile by clicking Carrier Preferences. Selecting these will give you more personalized results when searching for loads and allow Emerge to provide a better experience in the Carrier portal.

The top of the page allows you to select your Preferred Contact Method, as well as your Preferred Language and Marketplace Type. Click the drop down menus and select your preferences. If you are searching for both Spot and Contract opportunities, select All Loads.

The Operational Preferences section allows you to select what your preferred mode of freight is, and you can choose more than one. Note: The Emerge Marketplace primarily supports Full Truckload shipments. As Emerge continues to grow, multi-modal shipments will become available.

The Truckload Capabilities section allows you to select the different capabilities of your trucking fleet. You can choose one or more Equipment Types, any Endorsements you have such as TWIC cards or Hazmat, Supported Loading Types (Drop Trailer, Live, or All), the size of your fleet, any Specialized Services like lift gates or team drivers, commodity Restrictions, and whether you’re already set up with P44 Tracking Capabilities. You can also select your Preferred Pickup times, Dropoff times, and the days you operate with the Driver Schedule drop down menu.

The Location Preferences section allows you to select where your fleet primarily operates. You can choose one or more of the zones listed as well as sections of Canada and Mexico. Below the zones, you can enter zip codes for any or all of your Terminal Locations.

Click the Show a map of the zones link to view a map of the United States, labeled with the corresponding zone numbers. NOTE: The Emerge Marketplace does not currently support freight entering or leaving Mexico.

Once you have chosen your Carrier Preferences, you can either RESET DEFAULTS or SAVE your selections.

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