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On Monday, November 14th, Lane Alerts became a feature of Preferred Lanes. All Lane Alerts prior to this date have been set to OFF to support this release. If you wish to continue receiving Lane Alerts, you will need to login and update Preferred Lanes to include Lane Alerts.

See below for step-by-step directions.

Preferred Lanes allows you to quickly search the Emerge Marketplace for lanes that you run frequently. Each Preferred Lane can also be turned into a Lane Alert, which will notify you by email when those lanes appear in our marketplace. You can set as many as you like and edit or delete them as needed.

  1. Click on LANES on the left hand side of the screen.

  2. Click CREATE PREFERRED LANE on the top right of the Lane Alerts page.

  3. Click the Lane Alert Emails toggle if you would like to receive email notifications for your Preferred Lane. If you leave this toggle off you will still be able to use the Preferred Lanes filter in the Source Menu.

    This can also be toggled on or off as needed from the Lanes Menu.

  4. Type one or more cities you want into the Origin Location and Destination Location fields, as well as whole states. A drop down list will appear, allowing you to make sure it’s the correct city and state.

  5. You can also adjust the Origin and Destination Deadheads to your preferred distance.

  6. Click the Equipment Type field to see a drop down list of different equipment types. You are able to select multiple equipment types for a single Preferred Lane.

  7. Click Load Type to view a drop down list, where you can select if you want Preferred Lanes for Contract, Spot, or All load types. Click SAVE to confirm.

  8. Use the Pickup Date(s) field to limit the Preferred Lanes search to a specific time frame. Click Pickup Date(s) and then click on the calendar to select a date range. You may also use the “quick select options” on the right. Pickup Date(s) works for Contracts in the Marketplace and will trigger a Lane Alert if toggled on, and if the Contract Start Date or Contract End Date overlap with your selected date range. NOTE: Once the Pickup End Date has passed, the lane will show as inactive and will no longer be used in the Preferred Lane filter or Lane Alert emails. Inactive lanes can be deleted or the dates adjusted to the current date or future to become “Active” again. Click DONE to save your selection.

  9. Use the Pickup Day of Week field to limit the Preferred Lanes search to specific days of the week. Click Pickup Day of Week and then select whichever days you like. You may select more than one option. Pickup Day of Week only works for Spot loads in the Marketplace and will trigger a Lane Alert if the scheduled Pickup Date falls on one of the selected days of the week. Click outside this dropdown to save your selection.

  10. This is the email that you receive when a load or contract matches your Preferred Lane with Lane Alert toggled on. It provides the basic details of the load or contract, and you can click VIEW DETAILS to be brought directly to the page in Emerge’s marketplace. You will be asked to sign in if you are not already.

  11. To use Preferred Lanes once you have some created, click on the SOURCE Menu to start looking for spot or contract loads.

  12. Below the Results bar there is a filter option for PREFERRED LANE; click the box and toggle Preferred Lanes Only to on. Now you will only see loads or contracts that match the Preferred Lanes you have selected.

  13. Remember, you can always go back to the LANES Menu and edit any of your Preferred Lanes and toggle on/off their Lane Alerts.

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