When you click on the SOURCE tab on the left side of the screen, you will automatically be shown all open Spot Loads. You will also be able to see available Contract Lanes in the section below. Click here to learn How to Find and Bid on Loads, or learn How to Bid on Contract Lanes.

You can search for loads by Origin, Destination, Equipment Type, Pickup Date, or Emerge ID number. Click on any load to expand the section and get more details.

If you have shippers you work with directly who also use Emerge, you can filter loads by shipper as well. Click the SHIPPERS button for a list of your shippers to choose from.

Select any shippers you work with by clicking the check box and then click out of the box.

When looking for loads, pay attention to the Pickup Date, Equipment Type, Weight, Length of Haul (LOH), and number of stops.

Clicking into a load will show you Additional Details, where you can click View Commodity Details for more information.

Some loads have a Bidding Open countdown clock, which indicates how long the shipper will leave the load open for bidding.

Loads that have the BOOK IT NOW option in green are ready to book. The appointments for these loads are already set, so we recommend that you use the Book It Not feature only if the loads works for you as is. Clicking the BOOK IT NOW button will tender the load to you automatically.

Click the Lowest Rate button to see the five lowest rates that other carriers have submitted.

After expanding a load by clicking on it, you can click Full Page Details which will bring you to another page to learn more about the load.

This page allows you to see the full details of the load as well submit a bid if it works for you. Click SUBMIT BID once you have entered your rate, or if you are no longer interested, click NOT INTERESTED.

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