Emerge uses Epay Manager for load invoicing. Epay Manager provides the following features and benefits:

» User Friendly Interface » Direct Deposit

» Web Based, No Software Required » Eliminates Mail & Email

» Electronic Invoicing and Tracking » Automated Document Imaging

» Reduce Processing Costs » Dynamic Reporting Tools

You do not need to create and email invoices or proof of delivery documents. Epay processes all invoices electronically and will deposit payments directly into your bank account.

Please register by visiting https://www.epaymanager.com/cgi-bin/register

Important information for new and existing carriers:

  • Invoices are not accepted via email.

  • Factoring companies will register and login on your behalf, and you will not have access to invoices in Epay. The factoring company will submit all documentation on your behalf.

  • Invoices will not be paid until documents have been uploaded and the invoice has been accepted.

  • Please contact Epay directly with registration and login questions. We are unable to assist with these requests. Their contact information is listed below:
    Email: [email protected]
    Phone: 800-240-1824

When looking for a specific load in Epay Manager, lease search using the S# in the Reference Number field.

  • The invoice will not display in Epay if the correct field is not used

  • Invoice status can be viewed by searching, as shown above, or under your "Receivables" tab on the left side of your screen in Epay Manage

  • Reference numbers can be searched in bulk as well.

Invoice Statuses

  • Pending: The POD and any other supporting documents still need to be uploaded to the invoice. The invoice also needs to be reviewed and accepted if there are no issues with the rate.

  • Invoiced: The invoice is in APs queue to be processed. If there are no issues with the paperwork, the invoice will be approved and payment will be scheduled.

  • Approved: The invoice has been approved and payment has been scheduled.

  • Rejected: An invoice can be rejected for any number of reasons. Please review the rejection note in the email sent from Epay or directly in the invoice.

  • On Hold: Please review the note in the email sent from Epay or directly in the invoice.

If you require additional Epay assistance, please Submit an Accounts Payable Help Desk Ticket. You can also reach out to us by calling (888) 736-7710 extension 3, Monday through Friday, 6:00AM to 4:00PM MST.

NOTE: To prevent further delays in response times, please use one email thread per issue.

Epay Carrier Tutorial

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