This article goes over the different Default Mileage Provider Options that can be applied to an account.

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  4. Google Options

  5. How the Calculation is Uses

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Mileage Preferences

1. Click the Settings Icon in the bottom left corner

2. Select Mileage Preferences

3. This will populate a page where you can see all the choices.

4. Choose how you would like your company mileage preferences be handled- automated calculations or manual.

PC Miler Options

  1. Choose PC Miler

2. Advanced PC Miler Settings

2a. Version: you can choose to have the most current version or you can choose which older version you prefer to use

b. Route Type: Practical, Shortest, Fastest

c. Distance Calculation: Address to Address or Zip to Zip

3. After making any changes, be sure to select SAVE to save and apply your changes.

Rand McNally Options

  1. Choose RAND MCNALLY to populate the setting options


2a. Version: currently only MileMarker® Version 19 is available through API

b. Route Type: Practical or Shortest (HHG)

c. Distance Calculation: Address to Address, Zip to Zip or City to City.

d. Truck Length: 48ft or 53 ft.

e. Hazmat: yes or no

f. Avoid Tolls: Yes or No

Note: Avoid Tolls can only be "Yes" when the Route Type is Practical. When the route type of Shortest is chosen, the avoid tolls is defaulted to NO and can't be edited.

3. After making any changes, be sure to select SAVE to save and apply your changes.


  1. When choosing Google, there are no specific settings to customize such as route type or distance calculation

How the New Mileage Provider Mileage Calculation Will Be Used

1. All in Rates populated from the Partner entering in the RPM.

2. All FSC calculations.

3. Route Guide options that are entered in as Rate Per Mile (all in and line haul).

Additional Details

1. Only Admins have the ability to change the Mileage Provider in the preferences section.

2. The Length of Haul (LoH) that is calculated will be displayed to both the shipper and the carrier.

3. By toggling the option under "Allow Mileage Override" you can manually override the miles on a shipment for any reason.

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