1. Click the Settings Icon in the bottom left corner

2. Select Mileage Preferences

Mileage Preferences

3. Select how your mileage preferences will be handled.

4. Then select the Mileage Provider you will be using

5. Configure the Advanced PC Miler settings if you chose that provider

6. Configure Routing Preferences i.e. Highways Only or any Hazmat needs

7. Configure Vehicle Preferences if necessary to change

8. Select whether mileage can be manually overridden

9. Press SAVE or select RESET DEFAULT SETTINGS to start over

How the New Mileage Provider Mileage Calculation Will Be Used

1. All in Rates populated from the Partner entering in the RPM.

2. All FSC calculations.

3. Route Guide options that are entered in as Rate Per Mile (all in and line haul).

Additional Details

1. Only Admins have the ability to change the Mileage Provider in the preferences section.

2. The Length of Haul (LoH) that is calculated will be displayed to both the shipper and the carrier.

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