1. Reefer Temperature inputs have been added to the quote, tender, and shipment creation and edit forms. When utilized, all parties involved on any quote, tender or shipment will have visibility into the Reefer Temperature range. In additions to Reefer Temperature inputs we have also added the ability to notify carriers that they need to Pre-Cool their reefer trailer prior in pick up through accessorials. 
  2. Closed Shipment Notification to Network Partners has been added to the notification preferences. When turned on, Network Partners that quote a shipment but are not awarded the shipment will be sent an email notification letting them know that the shipment has been closed and is no longer available.
  3. Contract Lanes and Route Guide enhancements have been added to match on both lane and appointment type. In the case that appointment type does not matter, we have added ANY APPOINTMENT TYPE as a selection that will only take the lane into consideration for matching. Learn more about the Contract Lanes and Route Guide features here.
  4. ALK PC*Miler integration for length of haul calculations has been added to the Mileage Preferences setting. When this setting is turned on and configured to the needs of the organization all RPM conversions and fuel calculations will leverage the length of haul provided by ALK PC*Miler. Learn more about the ALK PC*Miler integration here.

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