The Contract Market feature allows shippers to source for contract rates from the Emerge Network while in a Contract Lane

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How to Source for Capacity

  1. After a Contract Lane has been created, find the Lane by clicking on the Contract Lane icon.
  2. Open the Contract Lane by clicking on Details.
  3. Click on SOURCE CAPACITY in the banner.
  4. Fill out the dialogue popup.

Once details have been submitted, you will see a truck icon moving across the banner. This means the Contract Market lane has been successfully submitted to the Emerge Network. 

How to Use the Contract Market Rate

  1. When a rate has been submitted by the Emerge Network, you will receive an email notifying you that a rate has been returned.
  2. You can now add that Contract Rate to your Route Guide by selecting ADD TO ROUTE GUIDE. 
  3. When added to your Route Guide, the rate will automatically populate on future quotes that match this lane.

Pro-Tip: Use the Auto Tender feature to streamline the tender process. 

Learn how to use the Contract Lane and Route Guide feature here. 

Feel free to chat an Emerge Support Rep with any questions!

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