1. Fuel Surcharge has been updated for line haul only customers! When a new fuel matrix is added, only future shipments will be affected. Fuel Surcharge will also be adjusted if the national diesel fuel or the customer's matrix changes before a shipment is scheduled for pickup. Learn about Fuel Surcharge here. 
  2. Route Guide has the ability to support line haul only rates. This will allow the system to calculate fuel based on the shipment pickup date. 
  3. In the Route Guide, users have the ability to set their preferences to allow the shipment to be posted to the Marketplace or sent to their Network Partners if the auto tender carriers reject or if the tender request expires. Learn about the Route Guide here.
  4. With the new Override Mileage feature, shippers have the ability to manually override the pre-populated mileage provided by Google Maps in each quote, tender and shipment. Learn more about the Override Mileage feature here. 


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