The Override Miles feature gives the shipper the ability to override the system provided Google miles in each Quote, Tender and Shipment. When the mileage is updated in the Quote, Tender or Shipment, the new total miles will be reflected in the Shipper account and Partner account. 

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To Enable the Override Mileage Feature

  1. Click on the Settings Icon in the bottom left corner.
  2. Select Mileage Preferences.
  3. Check the Mileage Override toggle.
  4. Press SAVE.

How to Override Miles 

  1. When building a Full Truckload or VPTL Quote, select the Override Miles toggle below the Stop Details.
  2. Enter the amount of miles.
  3. Enter the details of the Quote, then SUBMIT.
  4. The updated miles will be displayed in all accounts.
  5. To update miles in a current Quote, Tender or Shipment, select Edit, then enter the miles in the Override Miles section.

What the Override Miles Will Update

  1. Route Guide options that are entered in as Rate Per Mile (all in and linehaul).
  2. All FSC calculations.
  3. All in Rates populated from the Partner entering in the RPM.

Additional Details

  1. Admins have the ability to toggle the Override Miles in the preferences section.
  2. Ability to save the Override Miles in Quote Templates.
  3. Override Miles available in Bulk Upload templates.
  4. The Override Miles is only available for Full Truckloads and VPTL.

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