Fuel Surcharge is the fee trucking companies use to cover the fluctuating costs of fuel. The FSC will be calculated based on the active fuel matrix and the Energy Information Administration's (EIA) current national diesel fuel rate.

Users can now configure the display of rates to show all in rates or line haul only.

In order to change the setting in your Emerge account, please reach out to your Emerge Representative.

To access the Fuel Surcharge matrix:

1. Click on the Settings Icon in the bottom left corner.

2. Find and click Fuel Surcharge.

3. Once your Fuel Surcharge is activated by your representative, you will be able to toggle the Fuel Surcharge on or off.

How to:

1. If the Fuel Surcharge is set to display the total rate, users will see the status above the Options and Tenders.

2. If the Fuel Surcharge is set to not display the total rate, users will see that status above the Quotes and Tenders.

Partners will be notified in each quote request to provide the total rate or to exclude Fuel Surcharge. Estimated fuel will be included on all shipments.

The Fuel Surcharge rate is pulled from the EIA at 17:00 est (5:00 PM) each Monday. 

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