We’ve implemented a single Marketplace option, displaying the best rate from our extensive provider network. This means you'll no longer have to worry about monitoring carrier ratings and reviews or answering unnecessary carrier questions, we'll handle it on your behalf.  

  1. You’ll still see the number of providers bidding.
  2. The Emerge freight experts will handle all carrier communications and vetting on your behalf.
  3. We only show you our lowest rate, and it’s guaranteed! 

Questions about the marketplace? Click here to learn more.

Workflow Enhancements

  1. Recent quotes added back for all modes.
  2. Ability to add notes to shipment for partner to see through email notification.
  3. Document updates for LTL quote and shipment PDF downloads and reference number added to FTL PDF downloads.
  4. Populate historical events when a user updates PRO number in the Tracking History table for LTL quotes. 
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