Enter quotes faster with Quote Templates!

This article will cover:

1. How to create and save a Quote Template for FTL/VPTL

2. How to view and use your Quote Templates

1. How to Create and Save a Quote Template

1. Select the blue Create+ button and select Spot Quote

2. Select the quote type: FTL, VPTL

3. After entering the quote details you should be at the bottom of the Create Quote page.

4. Select SAVE QUOTE TEMPLATE at the bottom left of the page

5. Name the quote template and choose if you want to save notes/tags with the template. Then select Submit to save the quote template.

2. How to View and Use Your Quote Templates

FTL/VPTL saved Quote Templates can be located by selecting View Recent/Templates while creating a quote.

Simply click on the quote templates to have the details populate!

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