Address Book 

  1. Create new entries for addresses and my office locations
  2. View a list of addresses/my office locations and details from the Address Book settings.
  3. View addresses and my office locations on quote, tender, and shipment pages.

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LTL Connect

  1. Supports more complex account structures. 
  2. Quote creation now features a physical and billing address.  
  3. Assign office locations from the address book as the physical or billing address.

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LTL Quote Workflow

  1. Improved usability for quote creation, tender confirmation and editing shipments
  2. Introduction of ‘My Role’ and ‘Payment Direction’.
  3. Replaced Google typeahead for improved address functionality
  4. Added density calculator to help determine class of commodity

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FTL and VPTL Quote Workflow

  1. Integration of address book and postal code database to replace the google typeahead.
  2. Improved usability for tender confirmation and editing shipments
  3. Introduced restrictions when editing/submitting tenders to prevent rate changes to carriers. 

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Bulk Upload 

  1. Users can reference the Address Book location in Bulk Upload templates. 
  2. Added new fields of ‘My Role’ and ‘Payment Direction’ to support the new LTL workflow. 
  3. Implemented default values for true/false fields to reduce the number of required fields.
  4. Enhanced validation and lookup of city/state/postal code to work with the USPS and Canadian postal code DB’s. 

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