Store addresses within the Address Book for faster quote creation!

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1. How to Access the Address Book

2. How to Access Add Location Screen

3. How to Add Addresses to Address Book

4. How to Bulk Upload Addresses to Address Book

5. How to Add FTL/ VPTL Defaults to Addresses

6. How to Use Address Book when Creating Quotes

7. How to Edit Address Book

1. How to Access the Address Book

1. Select Settings (gear) icon on the left panel

2. Select Address Book

3. The Address Book will display all addresses saved within your profile. From here you are able to manage all of the addresses you have saved to your Address Book

2. How to Access Add Location Screen

There are three ways to add an address to your address book.

1. From the Address Book choose + CREATE LOCATION to populate the Add Location screen

2a. From ANYWHERE choose the blue CREATE +

2b. Choose Location to add a location to the Address Book

3a. While creating a quote, you can click the Address Book icon shown below. This will show all addresses currently saved in the Address Book

3b. Once the address box displays, select the plus (+) sign to add a new
address without leaving the screen

3. How to Add Addresses

1. From the Add Location screen input all required fields. Search the address by using our typeahead feature to automatically fill in all required fields. Or choose ENTER ADDRESS MANUALLY

Note: Every address entered requires Contact Information to be entered as well.

2. Once you have chosen the address from the typeahead search, another required field, Company Name, will populate. The Location Code field also populates

3. If you choose ENTER ADDRESS MANUALLY fill all required fields and choose SAVE

4. How to Bulk Upload Addresses to Address Book

Users can add multiple addresses quickly and efficiently to their Address Book using the Bulk Upload feature!

1a. From the Address Book select BULK UPLOAD

1b. From ANYWHERE choose CREATE + then choose BULK UPLOAD then choose Locations

2. Download the Bulk Upload Template

3. View our article How to Bulk Upload Addresses for more detailed instruction

5. How to Add FTL/VPTL Defaults to Addresses

Defaults can be added to addresses in the Address Book to have the information automatically populate while building quotes. Information can include notes, appointment types and dock open/close times.

To add Defaults in:

1. When adding or editing an address in the Address Book, scroll down to the Defaults section.

2. Select FTL/VPTL Defaults

3. Enter the information required for each location/address

4. Select SAVE

6. How to Use Address Book when Creating Quotes

Finding and using saved addresses when creating quotes is super simple!

Just start typing out an address that is within your address book and select it from the drop-down below. You can type any of the information that you saved to the address book, such as the Company Name, Location Code, Street Number, City, State, etc to populate the saved addresses.

7. How to Edit the Address Book

1. From the address book, find the address you want to update or edit and select the three dots on the right side and choose EDIT

2. Edit the address as needed and choose SAVE

3. To DELETE multiple address at the same time, check the box next to all addresses to remove and then select the DELETE next to the trash can icon

4. Confirm you want to delete the selected locations and choose DELETE and your record has been removed

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