Submitting Rates

To avoid miscommunication, include an expiration date/time in the notes section when submitting an option to let the shipper know how long your rate is good for. This is especially helpful when submitting an option with a Truck-in-Hand. Click here to learn more about bidding on loads.

Timely, Transparent, Friendly Communication
Your shipper is relying on you to come through for them. If there is an issue with a shipment, be sure to keep them in the loop by utilizing our chat feature. It's a great way to show off your personality and develop sustainable relationships with your shippers. Click here to learn more.

Provide Up-to-Date Tracking
Let technology do the work for you! Our Tracking feature will automatically update shipment statuses and provide the driver’s location to you and your shipper every step of the way. At the very least, always provide manual status updates by updating the status of your shipments. Click here to learn more.

Actively Quote in the Source Tab
The more active you are with placing bids, the higher your odds are at earning more freight. Moving more freight in the Source tab provides shippers with more opportunities to give you a good review. Shippers love seeing providers with a high number of good reviews! (Pro Tip: Take advantage of Lane Alerts to ensure you always have a bid placed on shipments moving on your power lanes.)

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