Shipment Providers:

Ratings and Reviews

Learn more about the providers you work with and give valuable feedback to other shippers with Ratings and Reviews. You'll also be prompted to share your own experience with a thumbs up or down after every shipment is delivered. 

Please note: You will not be able to Search for Trucks if you have not provided feedback for your latest delivered shipment. 

Truck in Hand and Team Drivers

After receiving an option, you'll see two new icons showing if the provider has a Truck in Hand (truck is available for the pickup date) or Team Drivers (a team of drivers will move the shipment).

Marketplace Preferences

Marketplace preferences allow users to filter by provider type and specific capacity providers.

Bug Fixes

  • Shippers can no longer edit Marketplace options.
  • Validation on pickup date/time for LTL shipments has been removed on the edit shipment screen.


Ratings and Reviews

With our Ratings and Reviews, shippers are required to leave a thumbs up or down after every delivered load so you can begin to build your reputation and earn even more business! View your ratings directly on your home page. 

Truck in Hand and Team Drivers

Let your shipper know even more details by checking one of two options for Truck in Hand (truck is available for pickup date) and Team Drivers the next time you submit a rate. 

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