Q: Do I setup billing through Emerge or with the carrier/broker?
A: You only worry about a one-time setup! Simply complete your account setup (credit application) and start quoting through the Marketplace. You will be notified before entering the Marketplace or you can access it from your account settings page. 

Q: Have the carriers/brokers been vetted?
A: Emerge has pre-approved and handled all onboarding responsibilities. 

Q: Is my information shared with carriers/brokers?
A: Your company information is not shared with our carriers/brokers until you award them the shipment.

Q: Why am I unable to add a Marketplace partner to my network?
A: After you've tendered a load through the Marketplace, that carrier/broker is now part of your Marketplace partner network! The next time you search for trucks, those partners will be able to access your quotes. 

Q: Why do I see a notification preventing me from tendering with a carrier/broker?
A: Unfortunately this means the carrier/broker has not completed the Emerge network setup. Do not hesitate to reach out to our support team to help expedite the process for you! 

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