Q:  How do I know the shipper doesn't already work with my company?

A:  To minimize potential conflict of interest, you will not see any Available Loads for shippers who already have a contact in their Emerge profile with the same MC# and/or USDOT#.

Q:  How does billing work?
A:  Setup and get approved one-time through Emerge by filling out our Partner Agreement which can be found in the load details of any Available Load.

Q:  What is the best strategy for earning new business in the Available Loads?
A:  Pay close attention to the load details and give a honest rate. Do not post a rate you can't work with!

Q:  Where are the pickup dates located?
A:  Unlike direct quote requests, the Available Loads feature requires the shipper to include a pickup date. You can find it just below the lane information as shown below:

Q:  How do I accept a tender?
A:  When a shipper sends you a tender, you can find the shipment in your Tenders tab.  You will also receive an email notification.

Q:  If I accept a tender and my option/truck is no longer available, how do I give the shipment back to the shipper?
A:  In this situation, you must inform your shipper via chat that the option/truck is longer available. The shipper will then cancel the tender and the load will move to your Tenders tab and marked with a status of TENDER CANCELLED.

Q:  How do I know if the quote request is an Available Load or from one of my existing customers?
A:  Quote requests from outside of your network will be in your Available Loads tab. Direct quote requests sent from your existing customers are found in your Quotes tab. (Note: Your Home tab includes an overview of your Available Loads)

Q:  How do I change a rate that I've submitted?
A:  If the load has not been covered or removed by the customer from your Available Loads, you can find the load by setting the filters tool to Responded and then click Change Response in the load details.

Q: How can I get added to a shipper's network after I've been tendered a load through the Available Loads tab?
A: There's no need to do any further setup. Once you’ve accepted a tender from a customer through the Available Loads feature. you can sort by the customers you have already worked with by using filters.

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