After creating a quote, you can click the Search For Trucks button that will allow you to make your quote/load available to our network for bidding. As options come in, simply click the TENDER button to book that rate. 

All carriers and brokers that have submitted options have been verified by our Carrier Compliance team at Emerge. 

Marketplace Preferences

When using the Marketplace, you have the ability to decide on which types of providers can see your loads. The types of providers are Brokers, Carriers, Carriers/Brokers, or Other.  Partner Codes will be used for future releases for EDI and system integrations. Emerge also allows you to block specific providers by entering in the capacity providers' MC or DOT number. Simply select the Settings icon on the left panel, then select Marketplace Preferences.


1. To avoid potential miscommunication, the current partners you have in your own network will only see the direct quote requests you send to them.

2. Your loads are available until:
• You stop searching for capacity
• The load is covered
• 24 hours after pick up or
• The load is deleted

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