Expiring Lanes:

If a lane is about to expire, users will now receive an email alert with an opportunity to extend. 

LTL Workflow Enhancements:

The BOL has been moved to a new convenient location in the documents grid.

To further improve communications with your LTL partners, the tags feature has been replaced with pick up and delivery notes.

Users will receive reason codes if a tender fails. 

Validation has been added to help drive success with tenders: 

  • Pickup date cannot be more than 21 days in the future.
  • Pickup dock close time cannot be less than 90 min from now.
  • Two-hour window required for pickup.

Bug Fixes & Miscellaneous Updates

Resolved error in console when updating shipment status from grid view.  

Resolved contact page icon issues in IE11.

References numbers in the load panel will now be labeled "Emerge ID".

Resolved minor, miscellaneous layout and display issues between browsers.

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