In this article, you'll learn the following:

  1. What Information You'll Need to Start

  2. What FedEx Freight API Details Are Required

  3. Instructions for Finding FedEx Freight API Details

  4. How to Integrate FedEx Freight with Emerge

What Information You'll Need to Start

  1. FedEx Freight Website Username

  2. FedEx Freight Website Password

  3. FedEx Worldwide Account Manager Name

  4. FedEx Freight Worldwide Account Manager Email Address

What FedEx Freight API Details Are Required

  1. Account Number

  2. API Authorization Key

  3. API Password

  4. Meter Number

  5. Bill to Account number

  6. Bill to Mailing Address

  7. Shipper Account number (optional)

Instructions for Finding FedEx Freight API Details

  1. Request your FedEx Account Manager to provide you with your Account Number.  You can also find your Account Number in your online profile by logging in to your FedEx online account, click My Profile, click Account Management. Your account number will be listed in the center of the screen.

2. Obtain the following from your FedEx online account:

  • Authentication(API) Key

  • API Password

  • FedEx Meter Number

To obtain the Authentication (API ) Key, API Password, and Meter Number yourself, follow the steps below:

  • Select “Move to production”

  • Log in using your User ID & Password

  • Select “Get Production Key”

The next Screen has three sections:

  • Do you intend to resell your software? (No)

  • Please check the box next to each type of FedEx web services you intend to use in your integration solution: (FedEx Web Services for Shipping)

  • Please indicate whether you are developing your FedEx integration solution as a Corporate Developer or as a Consultant. (Corporate Developer)

In the window that populates you will see the FedEx Web Services End User License Agreement.

  • Select “I Accept”

  • The form that populates on the next screen will ask for your FedEx Account Number, that account number must be an express-enabled account with a matching mailing address from the FedEx Express system. If you see the "Invalid character in Account." error message, please try other account numbers. If you see the “The City, State/Province and ZIP/Postal code combination that you entered is not valid.” error message, try to use another potential billing address, or check that the zip code is correct. Often times FedEx may have your billing address zip code include the four additional digits used to identify a geographic segment within the five-digit delivery area (ex: 12345-1234). Your account rep will be able to provide your exact express enabled account number and express billing address.

Once all required fields are filled out, select “Continue”.

  • The next screen will give the option to check a box before selecting continue if you would like to update your profile with the data from the previous page. You can select to do this or not and then select “Continue”

  • The last screen will be a Confirmation screen providing you with an Authentication Key and a Meter Number. Both of these numbers will be needed to set-up FedEx as a capacity provider. This box will also advise that your “Production password”(API Password) has been emailed to the main e-mail on the account. You will need that password as well when setting up FedEx as a capacity provider.

  • After you have completed these steps, you will receive an email with your API Password.

You now have all the necessary credentials to integrate your FedEx account with Emerge!

If you would like to enable dispatch through Emerge, continue to step 3. 

3. In order to enable dispatch, call  1.877.339.2774 (When prompted, please say “FedEx Web Services" then "Fedex API Service". You will speak to a Fedex Representative that will ask for API Authorization Key / Meter Number / Address (for security purposes). The dispatch approval process takes 72 hours, on average per Fedex. Feel free to reach out to [email protected] if you need any assistance in this step.

How to Integrate FedEx Freight with Emerge

  1. Log into

  2. Click your profile icon at the top right of your screen

  3. Select LTL Connect

  4. Search/Select FedEx Freight

  5. Select the Account Type you would like to setup

  6. Select/Add the Location Information (Please Note: Billing Information can be different)

  7. Enter in FedEx Freight Account Details

  8. Select the partner associated with FedEx Freight

  9.  Click Submit

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