In this article, you'll learn the following:

  1. What Information You'll Need to Start

  2. What UPS API Details Are Required

  3. Instructions for Finding UPS API Details

  4. How to Integrate UPS with Emerge

What Information You'll Need to Start

  1. UPS Website User ID

  2. UPS Website User Password

What UPS API Details Are Required

  • UPS Website User ID

  • UPS Website User Password

  • UPS API Access Key

  • UPS Account Number

If you do not have your UPS Account Number, please follow the steps below:

  1. Open a new tab with the following URL:

  2. Login and click "Request Access Key"

  3. Click "Open UPS Account"

  4. Confirm your address and then click "Next"

  5. Select "Business," enter your company name, and click "Next"

  6. Check "Not Right Now" and then "Next"

  7. If the Account Number shows please send it to your Emerge rep. If prompted, enter credit card information and then the account number will generate. Nothing will be charged to the credit card.

Instructions for Finding UPS API Details

  1. Visit the UPS Developer website at and sign in

2. Select Request an access key in the "How to Get Started" section

3. Verify your contact information, edit if necessary
4. Add your contact information to the Secondary Contact Information form if you're not the Primary Contact
5. Confirm your account number, add/edit if necessary
6. Request Access Key

7. Record your Access Key and confirm your account number(s)

8. Now that you have your Access Key you will need to give it production access. 

9. Click "Open a UPS Account"

10.Fill out the following three screens

11. If you are presented with the "ADD PAYMENT" screen below, verify your identity by adding the requested payment information.

12. When you get to the below screen click continue, you will be routed back to initial screen in this step. Follow the steps as directed.

Additional Step-by-Step Instructions - Specifically for Volume LTL

The UPS Volume LTL Rating credentials are typically the same as your Regular LTL credentials. However, UPS requires a signed Volume Partner Agreement to utilize the service. 

  1. Request an updated copy of the UPS Freight Volume Partner Agreement for the Volume Rating API from your UPS account representative

  2. Review, sign, and send the attached form to [email protected]

How to Integrate UPS Freight with Emerge

  1. Log into

  2. Click your profile icon at the top right of your screen

  3. Select LTL Connect

  4. Search/Select UPS Freight

  5. Select the Account Type you would like to setup

  6. Select/Add the Location Information (Please Note: Billing Information can be different)

  7. Enter in UPS Freight Account Details

  8. Select the partner associated with UPS Freight

  9.  Click Submit

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