As a Shipper you have the ability to create Quotes for capacity providers to bid on. When creating Quotes, it’s important to remember that providing as much information as possible will result in more accurate pricing.

  1. Once logged in you will be brought to the Quotes page. Click CREATE to begin building a quote.

  2. Select Quote on the menu that appears.

  3. Click CREATE QUOTE for either Full Truckload or Volume/Partial. Note: Emerge’s platform is primarily tailored towards Full Truckload shipments, so receiving accurate pricing on Volume/Partial loads may be more difficult.

  4. In the Quote Preferences section you can choose if you want Tracking Required, if it is a Hot Load, whether you want to search Emerge’s Marketplace for options and/or your Network Partners, as well as select how long you want the Bid Duration. Choosing Auto Tender if Bid Duration is turned on will automatically tender the load to the lowest option once the time is up. You can also select Book It Now and set a rate that will allow a capacity provider to automatically book the load without having to bid on it.

  5. If your Network Partner's bid has expired via the Bid Expiration feature (carrier-side only, essentially the duration they will hold their truck and rate for), you will not be able to tender the load to them. You can "REQUEST UPDATED RATE" from them manually, and the system will automatically send one "REQUEST UPDATED RATE" notice per Network Partner per Quote. The Network Partner will be prompted by an email and in-app badge to update their rate before you can tender to them.

    This option to automatically re-request a rate is defaulted ON in the Settings menu, in the Marketplace Preferences submenu. See below:

  6. If you select Book It Now, you will be prompted to set the Rate - Line Haul (Exclude Fuel) - that a capacity provider can book the Quote for, and they will be automatically awarded the load.

  7. Scroll down to the Stops section and enter your Stop 1 and Stop 2 Location. If you have an address saved in your Address Book, it will appear in the drop down menu, however you can enter a new address that isn’t saved.

  8. Click Loading/Unloading Type to select if the shipment will be Live or require a Drop Trailer.

  9. Click Appointment Type to choose if it will be FCFS (First Come First Serve), Appointment - Scheduled if an appointment has already been scheduled prior to pick up/delivery, or Appointment - Required if the appointment will need to be set.

  10. Click Start Date to choose the date the pick up or delivery will occur on the pop up calendar. Click OK once you’ve selected the correct date.

  11. Enter your Start Time and End Time in the corresponding fields.

  12. You can add any special Stop Notes, such as instructions for the driver before picking up or dropping off a delivery. Complete these steps for all stops in the quote.

  13. You able to add more stops to the load by clicking ADDITIONAL STOP and filling out the same fields as the first two stops.

  14. After filling out the necessary information for the stops, you can select the Equipment Type from the drop down menu, as well as the length of the equipment. You are also able to include any Accessorials necessary for the load.

  15. Once you’ve chosen the Accessorials, if any, fill out the Commodity field with a description of the commodity, the Weight field with the weight, Unit Type, and Unit Ct. Note: The weight of the commodity may affect pricing. The maximum weight of a Full Truckload is 45,000.

  16. If the Commodity is a hazardous material, click the Hazmat check box. Treat the fields that appear below as required, as there are different certifications for different hazardous materials. NOTE: Hazmat certified carriers can be more difficult to source than non-Hazmat carriers. Loads with hazardous materials may also cost more than loads without hazardous materials.

  17. In the Additional Details section, enter the Reference # for the load, as well as any General Notes that the carrier should know when bidding. The Cargo Value field is helpful for carriers so they can be sure they have adequate insurance covered.

  18. Click ADD REFERENCE # to include other types of references for the carrier if necessary.

  19. Additional Reference types can be selected from the drop down menu.

  20. Once you have entered as much information about the shipment as possible, click SUBMIT. You can also use the Quote you just created as a template by clicking SAVE QUOTE TEMPLATE.

  21. If you click SAVE QUOTE TEMPLATE, a pop up will appear. Enter a Name, click which parts of the Quote you would like to save in the Template, and click SUBMIT.

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