Shippers now have the ability to set appointment times or require your partners to set
the appointment times.

This article will explain how you can enter the appointment time or how you can require your partner to set the appointment time.

Entering the Appointment Time

When creating or editing a quote/tender, you can enter the appointment date and time within the Stop Details section (shown below).

If the shipper sets the appointment, they will select the appointment type:

  1. Appointment: Set time for pickup or delivery.
  2. FCFS: First Come First Serve basis.

Click SHOW FULL DETAILS. Here you can enter the contact name and phone number.

Requiring your Network Partner to set appointment

If you choose to have the network partner set the appointment time, simply click the check box shown below.

This will inform the partner that they are required to set the appointment time when viewing the quote request.

After the partner has entered the appointment details, the shipper will be notified via email.

Feel free to chat an Emerge Support Rep with any questions!

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