The tags you add to your network partner profiles will allow you to search and sort your the profiles when sending quotes/tenders out.  If you have a large network of partners, we highly suggest this tool.

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Adding Tags to Your Network Partners

  1. Proceed to the Network tab.
  2. Select the network partner you would like to edit.
  3. Insert any tags you would like within your network partner profile.

Tag Examples: 

  1. Equipment types ran (flatbed, van, reefer, etc.)
  2. Locations where the network partner has regular coverage (outbound CA, northeast, southwest, etc.)
  3. Particular details specific to that network partner (can do heavy haul, CA to WA only, etc.)

Removing Tags

To remove a tag or tag(s) from a network partner profile, simply click the X within the individual tag. This will remove the tag from the network partner profile.

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