Partner statistics provide real-time analytics on your partner's prior history with your company.

Within Emerge you'll find the following statistics:

  1. Response: The response percentage is the number of times a partner successfully submitted a rate.
  2. Acceptance: The acceptance percentage is calculated from how many tender requests you've sent to Partner A vs. how many Partner A has actually accepted (this should be 100% for an ideal partner). If you send Partner A 10 tenders this week, and they only accept 8 out of 10 shipments, their acceptance percentage will be 80%.
  3. Win: The win percentage is calculated from how many shipments that Partner A has won vs. ALL your shipments within Emerge. So for example, if you send out 100 shipments this month, and Partner A has won 10 of them, their win percentage will be 10%.  

Note: You can view these statistics after a quote request is sent. These statistics will update every 30-minutes!

Feel free to chat an Emerge Support Rep with any questions!

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