Updating from the Panel View:

1. From the Tracking tab, click UPDATE STATUS.

2. Select the appropriate shipment status and press SAVE.

Updating from the Grid View:

1. When viewing the Tracking tab, Select the Emerge ID (S-number) or Details for the shipment needing to be updated. 

2. Repeat steps 1 and 2 shown above in Panel View

Updating from the Itinerary Section:

Updating the Actual In/Out arrival and departure times will update the Shipment Status of the load.

1. Scroll down to the Itinerary section of the load in the Tracking tab.

2. Select the pencil icon below Actual Arrival and Actual Departure.

3. Enter the dates and times for the sections you are editing then select SUBMIT

Once the shipment is marked DELIVERED, you can quickly complete the shipment by pressing COMPLETE SHIPMENT. This will move the load to the History tab

Updating the shipment status within Emerge is that simple!

Note: Shipments can move back in status unless it has been marked *Complete*.

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