How to Assign Automated Tracking

Reduce the number of check calls, show your customer their shipment in real-time, and avoid multiple manual updates!

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What are the different automated tracking options?

1. Mobile Tracking (Project44 Driveview): Mobile tracking requires an app download and is assigned to the driver’s phone number. The driver will receive a text message with a link to download the app and follow the setup instructions 90 minutes prior to the pick up appointment start time. This will provide location updates by using the driver’s smartphone. (Project44 Driveview is not compatible with VOIP and Landlines)

2. Electronic Logging Device (ELD): ELD tracking is assigned by the truck number, similar to assigning the driver’s phone number to the shipment. This option is much simpler, as it will allow the driver to focus on driving rather than them having to stop driving to set up tracking on their phones.

To register for ELD integration please reach out to Todd Hamilton, [email protected] to receive instructions to complete this process.

How to assign a tracking method:

  • Click on Shipment highlighted at the top of the shipment screen.

  • Mobile Tracking: Select Mobile > Enter the driver’s cell phone or tablet number > Click Save

  • ELD Tracking: Select ELD > Enter truck number (vehicle identifier) > Click Save

When automated tracking has been assigned, tracking will start 90 minutes before the scheduled pick up time. When the driver leaves the final stop, the shipment will be marked DELIVERED and tracking will automatically stop.

Manual Tracking

If choosing to opt-out of automated tracking, you will be required to manually update the shipment every hour. This will include, but is not limited to, truck locations, ETAs for each stop, and In and Out times at each stop along with notes.

If you need assistance or have any questions, please reach out to your point of contact or [email protected].

Utilizing tracking within Emerge is that simple!

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