Sometimes, shipments just don't work out and that's okay.  In this article, you'll learn how to CANCEL a tender request or shipment correctly so that all parties are aware of the changes, and you can get back to work quickly. 

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1. How to Cancel a Tender Request

2. How to Cancel a Shipment

1. How to Cancel a Tender Request

Select the Tenders tab in the navigation panel and select the tender request you would like to cancel.

1. In the Tenders section select CANCEL

2. A prompt will appear to confirm the cancellation. Select YES to cancel

3. The tender will now have a CANCELED status

And now your tender request is canceled!

The Tender tab will contain all Pending, Canceled, or Rejected tenders.

2. How to Cancel a Shipment

1. Select Tracking in the navigation panel

2. Select the Shipment you would like to cancel

3. Select MORE

4. Select Cancel Shipment

5. Select a Cancelation Reason Code

5a. If you select Other you will have to enter the reason in the Notes field

6. Enter the TONU fee to be charged or select TONU is not required for cancelation

7. Select CONFIRM to complete the cancelation

8. All canceled shipments will move to the History tab

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