Scheduling through Emerge does not directly schedule an appointment with the shipper or consignee. Scheduling through Emerge strictly communicates the appointment times with the party who sent you the Emerge shipment.

Occasionally, your shipper will require you to schedule an appointment. Not to worry! Follow the steps below to learn how.

Scheduling Stop Appointment(s)

If your customer is required to set an appointment: 

  1. Click the Tracking tab and view the shipment that requires an appointment to be set.
  2. Click the Stop link (shown below) OR
  3. Scroll down to the itinerary and click SCHEDULE APPOINTMENT (shown below).

Both #2 and #3 will trigger the Set Appointment box to appear.

Enter the Date, Start Time and End Time (timezone will adjust according to users location).

Once an appointment has been set, the shipper will be notified via email.

Feel free to chat an Emerge Support Rep with any questions!

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