Once you've accepted a tender request, you have the ability to use any of the two Emerge tracking methods.

Using either Mobile or Manual Tracking you can see exactly where your truck is on the map!

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What are the different tracking options?

  1. Mobile: By drivers downloading the Mobile app, shipments can be tracked at their exact location. Enter the driver's phone number when asked - the driver will receive a text with a link that will start the tracking!                                                      Verizon does not require an application download. 
  2. Manual Tracking: Using either city, state, or exact addresses - check calls become visible. Each location update received can be documented on a map for you.

How to assign Tracking:

  1. Click the Tracking tab.
  2. Click the Request filter within the Tracking tab.
  3. Select the shipment you want to assign.
  4. You will be notified at the top of the shipment to select a tracking method.
  5. Select Shipment
  6. Select the type of tracking you would like.

To determine which tracking method is right for you, please see the below related articles for more details!

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