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  2. How to view the quote details
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  4. What is Book It Now?

How to access Emerge

Click View Quote Details or the link provided at the bottom of the email (both shown below)

How to View the Quote Details

Once you are viewing the option, the details will be below the Submit Option section:

How to Submit An Option

Above the quote details, you can submit a quote as:

  1. A flat rate within the Rate to Shipper box.
  2. A rate per mile within the Rate per mile box
  3. Once the information has been entered, click SUBMIT OPTION.

You will also have the option to add notes if needed.

If you are not interested in the quote, we recommend communicating that to your customer by clicking NOT INTERESTED.

What is Book It Now?

If your customer has a target rate in mind, it will be presented as shown below:

BOOK IT NOW: By clicking this, the partner is agreeing to the rate provided by the shipper.

SUBMIT OPTION: This allows partners to submit a counter-offer.

Partners can also decline the opportunity by clicking NOT INTERESTED.

Feel free to chat an Emerge Support Rep with any questions!

Emerge is mobile friendly!  Feel free to do everything shown in this article on your mobile device.

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