5 new features to keep you working smarter. Here's a quick rundown.

1. Partners See Order Quote/Load Status in Real-Time

Partners are notified on tendered loads through status updates.

After a tender request has been accepted, the remaining partners will be notified in two areas.

Area One: The Open tab.

  Area Two: While submitting a rate. Partners will also see a real-time countdown.

Partners will have the opportunity to submit quotes up to four hours after a load has been tendered. This was created to provide other options in the event that the load is dropped.

When the time is up, the load will automatically be moved to the 'CLOSED' tab.

2. Implementation of CSX Rail Plus

We are proud to announce the automation of CSX rates. After creating the quote, if we find a better door-to-door rate you will know about it.

3. Filter Partners with Tags

Tags are a beneficial way to sort which partners fit the load's criteria. After creating tags for your partners, this feature will be available when sending out quote requests.

If a partner has a blue tag, that indicates that there is a tag affiliated with their profile.

To sort your partners, click the Filters icon. Find the desired tag by using the search bar or scrolling down the list.

To apply a filter, click the check box. Various filters can be selected.
Once this is done, click the 'APPLY' button and all the partners applicable to the criteria will populate below.

To remove filters, simply select 'CLEAR ALL.'

To get started on creating tags for your partner, please refer to our help desk article.

4. The New Reporting Tab

Reports are the easiest way to view analytics within EmergeTMS.  Just click the Reporting icon on the navigation panel. 

The following reports are available. 

  1. Summary: View your overall activity.
  2. Partners: Overview of your partners.
  3. Quotes: Overview of your quotes.
  4. Tenders: Overview of your tenders.
  5. Freight Spend: Overview of your all time freight spend.
  6. Origins: View number of loads from different origins.
  7. Destinations: View number of loads to different destinations.

Each report has filters to help manage company data. To use a filter, click 'FILTERS' at the top of the screen which will generate different criteria.

Select the filter and click 'APPLY.'

To remove a filter, simply click the X behind the filter and select 'APPLY.'

5. Partner Statistics 

Partner scorecards provide an overview on your partner in three areas.

  1. Response rate
  2. Tender acceptance
  3. Loads won

Shippers can access the scorecards after a quote request is sent. These rates will be shown as percentages and will update every thirty minutes!

Thanks for checking out the new features. Love learning? Check out our top three articles below, and of course feel free to chat us anytime!

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Feel free to chat an EmergeTMS Support Rep with any questions!

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