We have heard your feedback over the past few weeks and are working towards some really cool new features to make life with EmergeTMS as easy as possible! 

This release was primarily focused on adding features for the shippers in our system:

1. Ability to upload documents for tenders

This has been the single most requested feature from our current and prospective shipper base. As we work on adding more details to the quoting and tendering features of Emerge, we wanted to ensure that you can attach the documents you currently send to the shipper via email.

2. Read receipts for emails to your carriers/brokers (our favorite feature yet) 

This is a feature we are really excited about! When we were discussing the adoption of our product with customers, one of the main questions that come up was: "How do I know if my carriers/brokers are receiving the emails I send?"

Now you can track read receipts to your carriers/brokers!

3. Additional equipment types added 

In this release we have added several new equipment types to help meet the needs of our shippers. We will continue to expand this functionality so if we missed you let us know on the next go-around!

4. Postal codes have been added to emails

Several of the carriers/brokers interacting with our system have requested that we include the postal code in the quote/tender request emails. Hope this helps!

That's it for the time being, but hang tight – There's more on the way very soon! 

A few items in the works include: 

  1. Improved order quote with more data points.
  2. Improving the "Add partner" workflow. 
  3. Improvements to the address input. 
  4. Cleaning up carrier workflows to help answer questions they have to ask shippers in the workflow today (providing more visibility into the quote process and where items are).

As always, feel free to chat a Support Representative for any extra questions!

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